Are you thinking about the regular and long term use of the services of our grandmothers? Just for you is perfect – MEDIATION OF THE GRANDMOTHERS bespoke.


 How does the mediation work?

You give us your ideas. If you want the grandma, we will find to you a grandmother. If you prefer for your children a younger, student, that is not a problem. You will fill in a questionnaire, which you will write in detail your requirements that should the babysitter meet. The rest is up to us. We will try to choose the best babysitter within agreed deadline. Then we will submit for approval the chosen profile. If you want to get to know the babysitter, we will arrange the first short meeting with our assistance. And if you like the babysitter, you will get to sign an agreement on mediation. After paying a one-time fee you will receive the active contact for the babysitter. Afterwards all communication and agreement is between you and the babysitter.


What are the benefits of the mediation?

In this case, the determination of the salary for the babysitter is up to you and the babysitter. We have the only one demand; the price of the watch will not be lower than CZK 80 / per hour


  • childcare is stable only by one woman, therefore there is a deeper intimate relationship between the nanny and the family, including a child
  • any conditions and agreement are directly up to you and the babysitter
  • the babysitter is "tailored" tailor-made according to your requirements
  • you will only pay a onetime fee and then you get a savings for each hour of the babysitting,. You do not pay any more to the agency; everything takes place only between you and the babysitter.


How much does it cost?


 One – time payment for the mediation is 6.500 CZK + 10% VAT.



 One – time payment includes:

 -   initial consultation with the family

-   launching a tender for the babysitter

-   personal interviews with each of the applicants

-   presentation of the most suitable profile

-   initial familiarization meeting

-   all operating costs


What you should do?

You should do only one thing. Contact us by phone, e-mail or through our contact form. We'll tell you all the necessary information.


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