Our Grannies...

I do not know about you, but the most beautiful memories of my childhood include moments spent with my grandmother. We called her magical grandmother, and she really was magical. I really miss her and I will never stop to miss her. Unfortunately, what was previously a matter of course, has become nowadays very rare. I mean all the congregation of family generations, when living together or they were in a frequent contact with grandparents, parents and children. And it's a shame because it's a great value for all parties. Not to mention the mutual assistance.

Do you and your children also miss a Grandma? Whether it is for any reason? Do you want to provide to your children contact with the older generation? Or simply do you want to entrust your child to the hands of a woman who has know about the life and who has a rich experience in raising the children?

Our grandmothers were carefully chosen for you. We are also mothers and we know well what is important to you. Babysitters are being chosen as we would be selecting them for our own children. 

Grandmothers are going through a very thorough selection process. Of course there is the personal interview, often a multi-phase. All candidates must provide proof of a clean criminal record, health certificate of competence to work with children, evidence of the formal qualifications and mainly the reference. We prefer to employ women with the health certificate of competence to work with children or educational level. Experience with children is required. We verify positive references from previous jobs or families and only then our grandmothers can come in a contact with you.

Our grannies speak English, German, French, Italian and Russian, so there is no problem to present the babysitting in a foreign language.

Based on your requirements, we will select the most suitable babysitter for you that we will introduce to your family. We believe that mutual sympathy will be on both sides, but of course it may happen that for some reason it won’t. That is not a problem, you can choose another babysitter. For each family will certainly find the perfect grandmother. Contact us and we will send you all the details, including the questionnaire. After you will fill out the questionnaire we can start in selecting the appropriate grandmother's right for you and your children.


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