Price List...

  • Regular babysitting                                                             130 CZK / per hour

       (more than 10 hours weekly)

  • Regular babysitting                                                             140 CZK / per hour

       (up to 10 hours monthly)

  • Irregular babysitting/one-time babysitting                        160 CZK / per hour

       (irregular –  to 10 hours monthly) 

  • SOS babysitting                                                                   200 CZK / per hour

       (the babysitting will be provided the same date that you call. The price is for the first day of the babysitting.)

  • To mediate the babysitter    -   one-time payment                6.500 CZK

       (Fee applies to a single service service. it is not a fee for a babysitting.)  

       More information about single service for you HERE.    

  • Ironing, cleaning                                                                    230 CZK / per hour  


  • Babysitting in a foreign language                                                                        plus 50 CZK/ per hour
  • Extra charge for monitoring during the public holidays and the weekends    plus 50 CZK /per hour
  • Extra charge for another child                                                                              plus 40 CZK / per hour
  • Babysitting in time from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.,                                                plus 20 CZK /per hour
  • Babysitting all-day, the whole weekend and more days                                    individual agreements


We are VAT payers. Prices are quoted without 10% VAT

In case of babysitting after 12 p.m.  IT is the responsibility of the families to ensure the safe transportation of our grandmother at her home. E.g. to take her personally at home, or to order and pay for a taxi.
Minimum time calculated is 2 hours. We charge each half hour.

Cancellation is only possible until 18:00 of the previous day. Then the full amount is charged in the scope of the ordered guard !!!



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